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Magson, Cottingley
SIPS & New Build

A two-story barn conversion; the roof was removed and a third story added, creating bedrooms on the second floor with flat ceilings and attic bedrooms with vaulted ceilings.

"In 2006 we carried out a full re-development of the barn we lived in. This involved major work and so we took the selection of our builder very seriously. Having narrowed it down to two builders we tried them out on some much smaller works and P. S. Armstrong won hands down. His workmanship, time-keeping, eye for detail and suggestions for improvements were all first class."

"We therefore began our barn reconstruction full of confidence. The works involved removing the roof, lowering the gables and then raising the walls to remove the sloping ceilings in the bedrooms and replacing the roof to create attic rooms. No project of this size can be done without one or two unforeseen issues arising, but in each case Paul and his men tackled it with professionalism and skill."

"We were pleased to find a builder who was experienced with newer construction methods as well as a proven track record with more traditional builds."

"It is in these areas where a builder comes into his own and in every case, extra effort was put in to ensure that the job was done properly. We have now lived in our new barn for four years without any problems arising."

"If you want a top-class builder to do what he says he will do, when he says he will do it, I cannot recommend P. S. Armstrong enough"

Andrew & Elaine Magson